About me

30 Mar

Name:  Katherine Elizabeth Newman


From:  Montclair, Virginia.  It’s a town located about 30-45 minutes from Washington DC.

Education:  Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Spanish from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Currently working: in Granada, Spain

About Me:  In my 3rd year at the university I went to Valencia with the University of Virginia’s study abroad program.  I lived with a family and on a daily basis struggled to communicate, especially my feelings, in Spanish.  I became interested in language acquisition and upon my return to George Mason, I signed up for a special Psychology course about cognitive psychology with a focus on learning other languages.  I loved the Spanish lifestyle and sought out a bit of a personal journey through South America to find out why I was attracted to the Spanish language.  I wondered if I had fallen in love with Spain because it was my first time out of the USA.  I visited many countries:  Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

Work:  I currently work as “auxiliar de conversacion” through the Spanish Ministery of Education.  Also, I give private classes to many different levels.  This blog is supposed to serve as resources for all of my students.  As there is a variety of levels, I’m working hard to get my materials up.

Why did I start with this job? Deep inside, I knew I had to return to Spain, and I had heard about the “auxiliary” program through one of my professors at George Mason.  I applied to the program and in 2008, taught at I.E.S Las Cumbres in Ubrique.  I wasn’t sure what to do after my first year and I ended up moving to Granada.  After one year of teaching private classes, I applied again to the “language assistant” program and was lucky to be placed in Armilla.  This is my second year working at C.E.I.P. San Miguel.

My work:  Last year I worked with preschool to 6th grade and entered in many classes.  It was a good experience but I unfortunately didn’t have enough time for each level.  This year, I am working with the bilingual classes in the science and math classes.  I work with first, second and third grade.  In addition, I give private lessons.  I’m constantly challenging myself to find new ways to teach, interesting materials, and above all, help with the oral aspects of learning English.  Soon I will put up a summary of my projects with the school.
If you have any questions please write me an email and I’d love to share my ideas or experiences:

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