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Experiences and Work of an American Language Assistant in Spain

7 Jun

This is a summary of different projects I have participated in during my time as a language assistant.  I hope it serves for future “auxiliares.”


About the USA

7 May

Hi, here’s a glogster about the USA.  It’s made from the Poster you can see at school in the hallway.  Join me in class to find out more interesting things!

Try out this activity about the flag!

About me

30 Mar

Name:  Katherine Elizabeth Newman


From:  Montclair, Virginia.  It’s a town located about 30-45 minutes from Washington DC.

Education:  Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Spanish from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Currently working: in Granada, Spain

About Me:  In my 3rd year at the university I went to Valencia with the University of Virginia’s study abroad program.  I lived with a family and on a daily basis struggled to communicate, especially my feelings, in Spanish.  I became interested in language acquisition and upon my return to George Mason, I signed up for a special Psychology course about cognitive psychology with a focus on learning other languages.  I loved the Spanish lifestyle and sought out a bit of a personal journey through South America to find out why I was attracted to the Spanish language.  I wondered if I had fallen in love with Spain because it was my first time out of the USA.  I visited many countries:  Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

Work:  I currently work as “auxiliar de conversacion” through the Spanish Ministery of Education.  Also, I give private classes to many different levels.  This blog is supposed to serve as resources for all of my students.  As there is a variety of levels, I’m working hard to get my materials up.

Why did I start with this job? Deep inside, I knew I had to return to Spain, and I had heard about the “auxiliary” program through one of my professors at George Mason.  I applied to the program and in 2008, taught at I.E.S Las Cumbres in Ubrique.  I wasn’t sure what to do after my first year and I ended up moving to Granada.  After one year of teaching private classes, I applied again to the “language assistant” program and was lucky to be placed in Armilla.  This is my second year working at C.E.I.P. San Miguel.

My work:  Last year I worked with preschool to 6th grade and entered in many classes.  It was a good experience but I unfortunately didn’t have enough time for each level.  This year, I am working with the bilingual classes in the science and math classes.  I work with first, second and third grade.  In addition, I give private lessons.  I’m constantly challenging myself to find new ways to teach, interesting materials, and above all, help with the oral aspects of learning English.  Soon I will put up a summary of my projects with the school.
If you have any questions please write me an email and I’d love to share my ideas or experiences: