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Thanksgiving History and Activities

21 Nov

Watch this video about the history of Thanksgiving. (made by Yolanda Egea…and starring ME) ūüėČ

CELEBRATING THANKSGIVING from Yolanda Egea on Vimeo.


Autumn Activities and Halloween

18 Oct

My Favorite Pumpkin Song by Matt at!

Sing the Spooky Spooky Halloween Song!

10 Little Monsters

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT Halloween Costumes and Doll (CBeebbies)
Hallowe’en Dress Up costumes

CARVE your own pumpkin online! (click the picture below)

CLICK below to design a pumpkin face!


CALORIE COUNTING PUMPKIN: Feed the pumpkin the candy to see how many calories you eat!


26 Sep

Geography Vocabulary and Activities

Worksheet geographical features

PROJECT IDEA:  Create a profile about your country and present it in class afterwards.
Geography country profile

American Summer Activities- 4TH of July

5 Jul

Yesterday was an important day in the USA- the 4th of July. ¬†It’s our Independence Day and is a holiday so most people don’t work. ¬†It’s typical to have a barbecue and see fireworks. ¬†People cook lots of food also (especially red, white and blue!) ¬†You can see some pictures of typical food:

Here are some great worksheets you can do to learn about this holiday and other fun Summer things!  Enjoy!

Phrasal Verbs- Holiday

5 Jul

“Carla Goes on Holiday”

 Learn some new phrasal verbs with this fun activity!

Carla goes on holiday


Root word flashcards

23 Jun

Root Word Flashcards

Root word family cards are two sets of flash cards that can be used to visualise the concept of root words to entry level and L1 students.

The entry level cards contain a number of root words and their word families, with a picture representation of each word. The level one sheet contains a higher level of vocabulary and the pictures have been removed.

Lesson Ideas

  • The cards could be given to the students to group into word families. Entry level students could then look up the words in the dictionary and then write down their definitions.
    E3-L1 students could look for rules and patterns such as:
  • common suffix -ed What happens when a verb ends in a consonant + ‚Äėe‚Äô ? Omit the ‚Äėe‚Äô and add -ing to create the new word.
  • All levels can use the cards as a prompt for finding more words with the same root. E.g. applying, activity, enact, hoping (compare it with hopping), etc.
Physical format:

2 pages – 32 word cards, 16 picture cards

Olympic Games 2012

6 Jun

 Where is it? 

It’s in London, England. ¬†

Can you find it on the map?

Oscar’s Games Challenge.

Play a game about the SPORTS in the Olympics!

Lots of Printables (Activity Village)

Olympic Worksheets (Bogglesworldesl)

The European Countries that are participating:  (Click on the picture to learn about other countries)

Click here to learn about your country…SPAIN!

Click here to learn about my country…United States

There are many different stadiums or venues:


Learn how to say “hello” in many different languages….

Classroom Idea:  You can organize some simple classroom olympics.  We are going to do a mixture of physical activity and review games of vocabulary.  Of course I will print some metals for the winning students.  Check out some ideas below:

FOR HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS: Download this great reading comprehension by arol Lilian at
olympics games reading


28 May

Listening Activity- Draw a face (elllo)

Physical Descriptions- Interactive Book

Who Am I? Read Description and Match


Let’s Learn about the Family!

23 May

Let’s sing a song about the family:
Lyrics: my family lyrics 

PLAY some games about the family!

Download some Worksheets

Family Words Activity (BBC)

About me- Who Am I? Activity (Starfall)

Do you like reading?
Use this awesome tool to create your own story.  It can be a fairy story, horror story or science fiction story.

READ about Lottie and her dad (BBC)

Click here


Word Games

10 May

A great way to improve vocabulary and grammar is to play a fun game! ¬†Here you’ve got some links to some great sites where you can learn. ¬†Hope you enjoy!


Sushi Spell from BBC

Word Wangling

Many Games- including vocabulary and grammar!

Scramble-Saurus- different categories such as Sports, Science and Geography

Young Kid English Games