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Play this FUN guessing game!

29 Oct

Click the picture below to play.

You must think of a famous charater.  After you answer the questions that “akinator” asks and he will guess your person.


Improve your Reading…and listening!

26 Sep

Click the link below to access many different articles which have audio so you can also listen.

The categories include:



The Power of Words

17 Sep


Learn to write:
Writing letters-Specific language

Check out the BBC’s professional writing lessons

Face to Face Cambridge Book- Informal and Formal writing

Infinitive and Gerund

12 Sep

I like reading….and I like to read.  Did you know that both of these forms are acceptable?  How about…

¨I really don´t feel like doing exercise at the moment.¨  Why can´t I use the infinitive here?

Learning the difference between the infinitive and gerund can be tricky because you have to memorize some expressions and general rules.

Download the explanation and activities below

Gerunds and Infinitives

Once you´ve studied a bit, you can talk with a partner and make sure you use the infinitive and gerund forms correctly!

Gerunds and Infinitive Book with Classroom Activities


Play a battleship game and practice!
Gerund and Inf Grammar DUEL

Grammar Exercise gerunds and infinitives

Test Your English Level

8 May

This site has tests by level, this particular one is to test you English level for the B1.


Do you want to improve your listening skills?
Check out this site for listening activities at the B1 level…

Useful English Expressions

24 Apr