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Different Accents in English

11 Oct

Click the article below from Hostel Bookers’ blog.  It’s got 16 video clips of different accents.  Good for listening to and practice your listening skills….also for a good laugh!


Habbits and Hobbies Speaking Game

28 Sep

Habbits and Hobbies Game

Click Habbits and Hobbies to download the speaking activity as seen above!


Here are some pictures to review some types of activities:


26 Sep

Geography Vocabulary and Activities

Worksheet geographical features

PROJECT IDEA:  Create a profile about your country and present it in class afterwards.
Geography country profile

Improve your Reading…and listening!

26 Sep

Click the link below to access many different articles which have audio so you can also listen.

The categories include:



The Power of Words

17 Sep


Learn to write:
Writing letters-Specific language

Check out the BBC’s professional writing lessons

Face to Face Cambridge Book- Informal and Formal writing

After Holiday Game

4 Sep

Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had an excellent summer and a good start back to school.

This activity can be used for your students to talk about their holidays.  

Basic Greetings- Formal and Casual

23 Jun




28 May

Listening Activity- Draw a face (elllo)

Physical Descriptions- Interactive Book

Who Am I? Read Description and Match


Let’s Read a Story– No Dogs!

21 May

BBC’s children’s story– “No Dogs”

Download the BBC’s worksheet to do with this video:Playground Actvitiy

Playground activity- easy

You can also download and print my activity “Draw a picture of your playground”  Students must invent a playground and then describe it.  Draw a picture of a playground

To teach the vocabulary: (I print and laminate the cards)

playground labels

You can play a memory game, where students must match the word with the picture.  You can ask “Is there a swing set in your playground”  Respond “Yes, there is” if you’ve got the word card or the picture card.  If you make a match, you have another turn.

Useful English Expressions

24 Apr