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Yummy in my Tummy, learning about food!

13 Jan

Download the flashcards for this song:

and the smaller game cards…



fruit mini book

What’s the weather like today?

31 Oct


Weather flashcards MES-English

Weather flashcards

Draw pictures of the weather (primary school)

Weather Boardgame- MES English

What’s the weather like? Pair-work,speaking

Vocabulary Weather (advanced)

Weather Activities- Advanced

PLAY THE GAME (Click the picture below!)

Play with the CAT AND THE HAT….it´s a really FUN game!!


26 Sep

Geography Vocabulary and Activities

Worksheet geographical features

PROJECT IDEA:  Create a profile about your country and present it in class afterwards.
Geography country profile

Phrasal Verbs- Holiday

5 Jul

“Carla Goes on Holiday”

 Learn some new phrasal verbs with this fun activity!

Carla goes on holiday


Connectors and Prepositions – Selectividad

10 Jun

Here’s a quick review of connectors with an activity:

Here are some exercises to practice the prepositions and a list of common verbs and adjectives with prepositions:

Olympic Games 2012

6 Jun

 Where is it? 

It’s in London, England.  

Can you find it on the map?

Oscar’s Games Challenge.

Play a game about the SPORTS in the Olympics!

Lots of Printables (Activity Village)

Olympic Worksheets (Bogglesworldesl)

The European Countries that are participating:  (Click on the picture to learn about other countries)

Click here to learn about your country…SPAIN!

Click here to learn about my country…United States

There are many different stadiums or venues:


Learn how to say “hello” in many different languages….

Classroom Idea:  You can organize some simple classroom olympics.  We are going to do a mixture of physical activity and review games of vocabulary.  Of course I will print some metals for the winning students.  Check out some ideas below:

FOR HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS: Download this great reading comprehension by arol Lilian at
olympics games reading

“Going Green”-The Environment

5 Jun

Practice your vocabulary here!

Take a quiz on how to save the environment!

play a recycling game! 


Write the correct vocabulary word

1.  _______________________ = things that harm the environment.

2. _______________________=cutting down trees.

3.  ______________________ = rising temperatures all around the world.

4. ______________________ = killing animals.

5. ______________________ = not having enough food to eat.


1.  We will die of hunger if we don’t find some food.

2.  Leather comes from the skin of an animal.

3.  Many people carry their shopping in plastic bags.

4.  You can recycle your rubbish depending on the material it’s made of.

5.  Global warming is the rising temperatures all around the world.

6.  When many trees are cut down, it’s called deforestation.

7.  Some materials are recyclable such as glass, paper and plastic.

8.  Countries in Africa suffer from hunger.

9.  We save and collect plastic bottles.

10.  We must help protect our environment.

NAME  5 different materials:
_____________________, _____________________, _________________,__________________, _______________________


Download Worksheets

Environmental Isuues Vocabulary-Speaking Exercise (eslflow)

Natural disasters- Vocabulary and Speaking (eslflow)

Species in Danger (more advanced)

Environment (advanced) – (

The Environment and Pollution (

READ about Hunting Whales and do activity

READ about Pollution and Cars


28 May

Listening Activity- Draw a face (elllo)

Physical Descriptions- Interactive Book

Who Am I? Read Description and Match


Daily Routines

2 May

Daily Routines Vocabulary:

5-7 year olds– Check out Nash’s Adventures

You can save and print the pictures with the daily routine vocabulary.  Later, kids can glue each one on the worksheet below with the time they do that activity.

Review telling time here:

Play this fun/interactive board game with Willy the Watchdog (telling time)

Daily Routine Games!!
-Listen to the words and repeat.  This game’s got matching, dictation and fill in the blanks:

MEC Daily Routine Games: 

What do you do everyday?  Listen to the questions and respond : “Yes, always” OR “No, never”

DOWNLOABABLE WORKSHEETS- Daily Routines (These four worksheets are in order by difficulty, the first one being the easiest)

daily routines1

daily routines 2

daily routines 3

daily routines 4

Useful language for speaking

14 Apr

Do you sometimes need time to think of what to say?  The following activity has an audio part you can listen to for ideas for “hesitation strategies.”  Instead of always saying “What?” or “Can you repeat that?”…you can use other expressiones, such as “Pardon” or “eh?”

Hesitation Strategies

Also, check out Survival English for more games