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Valentine’s Day

12 Feb

DOWNLOAD this AWESOME funny Valentine Craft from supersimplelearning.com!


SING SKIDAMARINK- A great song for Valentine’s Day!




Thanksgiving History and Activities

21 Nov

Watch this video about the history of Thanksgiving. (made by Yolanda Egea…and starring ME) 😉

CELEBRATING THANKSGIVING from Yolanda Egea on Vimeo.

Habbits and Hobbies Speaking Game

28 Sep

Habbits and Hobbies Game

Click Habbits and Hobbies to download the speaking activity as seen above!


Here are some pictures to review some types of activities:

American Summer Activities- 4TH of July

5 Jul

Yesterday was an important day in the USA- the 4th of July.  It’s our Independence Day and is a holiday so most people don’t work.  It’s typical to have a barbecue and see fireworks.  People cook lots of food also (especially red, white and blue!)  You can see some pictures of typical food:

Here are some great worksheets you can do to learn about this holiday and other fun Summer things!  Enjoy!

Present Simple

2 Jul

Click below to download practice worksheets by level:

1st ESO

Worksheet 1 (Burlington Books)
Worksheet 2 (questions- present simple) 

2nd ESO

Worksheet 1
Present simple- Write sentences about the pictures 

3rd ESO

Present Simple- (Money)

present simple make questions 

Review your Verb Tenses with this Activity!

1 Jul

Root word flashcards

23 Jun

Root Word Flashcards

(SOURCE: http://www.skillsworkshop.org/resources/root-word-family-cards)
Root word family cards are two sets of flash cards that can be used to visualise the concept of root words to entry level and L1 students.

The entry level cards contain a number of root words and their word families, with a picture representation of each word. The level one sheet contains a higher level of vocabulary and the pictures have been removed.

Lesson Ideas

  • The cards could be given to the students to group into word families. Entry level students could then look up the words in the dictionary and then write down their definitions.
    E3-L1 students could look for rules and patterns such as:
  • common suffix -ed What happens when a verb ends in a consonant + ‘e’ ? Omit the ‘e’ and add -ing to create the new word.
  • All levels can use the cards as a prompt for finding more words with the same root. E.g. applying, activity, enact, hoping (compare it with hopping), etc.
Physical format:

2 pages – 32 word cards, 16 picture cards

Olympic Games 2012

6 Jun

 Where is it? 

It’s in London, England.  

Can you find it on the map?

Oscar’s Games Challenge.

Play a game about the SPORTS in the Olympics!

Lots of Printables (Activity Village)

Olympic Worksheets (Bogglesworldesl)

The European Countries that are participating:  (Click on the picture to learn about other countries)

Click here to learn about your country…SPAIN!

Click here to learn about my country…United States

There are many different stadiums or venues:

(PICTURE SOURCE: http://www.london2012.com/photos/venue-galleries/)

Learn how to say “hello” in many different languages….

Classroom Idea:  You can organize some simple classroom olympics.  We are going to do a mixture of physical activity and review games of vocabulary.  Of course I will print some metals for the winning students.  Check out some ideas below:

FOR HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS: Download this great reading comprehension by arol Lilian at busyteachers.org.
olympics games reading

“Going Green”-The Environment

5 Jun

Practice your vocabulary here!

Take a quiz on how to save the environment!

play a recycling game! 


Write the correct vocabulary word

1.  _______________________ = things that harm the environment.

2. _______________________=cutting down trees.

3.  ______________________ = rising temperatures all around the world.

4. ______________________ = killing animals.

5. ______________________ = not having enough food to eat.


1.  We will die of hunger if we don’t find some food.

2.  Leather comes from the skin of an animal.

3.  Many people carry their shopping in plastic bags.

4.  You can recycle your rubbish depending on the material it’s made of.

5.  Global warming is the rising temperatures all around the world.

6.  When many trees are cut down, it’s called deforestation.

7.  Some materials are recyclable such as glass, paper and plastic.

8.  Countries in Africa suffer from hunger.

9.  We save and collect plastic bottles.

10.  We must help protect our environment.

NAME  5 different materials:
_____________________, _____________________, _________________,__________________, _______________________


Download Worksheets

Environmental Isuues Vocabulary-Speaking Exercise (eslflow)

Natural disasters- Vocabulary and Speaking (eslflow)

Species in Danger (more advanced)

Environment (advanced) – (TEFL.net)

The Environment and Pollution (Englishclub.com)

READ about Hunting Whales and do activity

READ about Pollution and Cars

Future Tenses- Going to and Will

28 May

Download Activities to Print:

Future Tense Worksheet (BogglesWorldESL)

Game Board -FUTURE (BogglesWorldESL)

Going to board game

The future-going to-intermediate (Oxford University Press)

Online interactive Activities by Caroline and Pearson Brown

http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com/goingtoorwill/exercise1.html http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com/goingtoorwill/exercise2.html http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com/goingtoorwill/exercise3.html  http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com/goingtoorwill/exercise4.html
GOING TO FUTURE, by jecika
Find this and other future tense exercises in English Exercises .org

Do this Activity by Isabel Perez – will or going to