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Word Formation and Grammar Review- Selectividad

10 Jun

Forming Nouns:




28 May

Listening Activity- Draw a face (elllo)

Physical Descriptions- Interactive Book

Who Am I? Read Description and Match


Verbs, Adjectives and Nouns

25 May

Here are some woordles with different vocabulary that’s maybe useful for selectividad.  You can study one and try to think of the equivalent words from the other categories.  For example if I see the word “help” on the verb sheet, I must think of how is the noun form “helpfulness” and as an adjective, “helpful.”

Wordle: verbs


Wordle: Nouns

Wordle: Adjectives

Word Formation, Adjectives, Adverbs…

15 May

Word Formation —Do these interactive games online to practice your word formation!

Verb to Noun (Suffixes)

Verb to Adjective

Adjectives to Noun

Compound Nouns

Compound Nouns 2

These are the intermediate levels going from easier to more difficult.
Antonym Word Match 

Antyonym Word Match 2

Antyonym Word Match 3

Easier Antonym Activities:



Modifying Adjectives and Adverbs Exercise


Adjective Word Order

Adverbs of Degree


Adverbs of Manner

Adverb PowerPoint click below to see it!

Comparatives and Superlatives

19 Mar

In your opinion, what’s the best football team in Spain?

Which films do you think are more interesting: horror films or comedies?

These two questions are dealing with the Comparative and Superlative grammar.  It’s actually quite interesting to understand this grammar because you can use it in real-life conversations….

*For teachers:  Check out the adjective game.  I usually play with flashcards, depending on the level you can choose different adjectives.

Below you can find downloadable flashcards with adjectives.  This site’s got 3 sets (listed below as well)


(set 1) strong, weak. tall, short, slow, fast, heavy, light, pretty, ugly, boring, fun, big, small

(set 2) full, empty, high, low, wet, dry, close, far, long, short, new, old, easy, hard, dark, light, clean, dirty

(set 3) blurry, broken, bumpy, cracked, fiery, flowery, fluffy, glowing, holey, scratched, shiny, spotty, striped, stormy, wavy

If you really want to read some interesting stuff, check out the official site of Guinness World Records:


You can find out about some weird records like the highest jump done by a dog, or the longest female fingernails….and you can practice the superlative 😉

Downloadable Activities
Comparative and Superlative
comparisons 3
comparisons 4