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24 Oct

Click the video below to practice the Present Simple

The present simple   LearnEnglishTeens


Different Accents in English

11 Oct

Click the article below from Hostel Bookers’ blog.  It’s got 16 video clips of different accents.  Good for listening to and practice your listening skills….also for a good laugh!

Improve your Reading…and listening!

26 Sep

Click the link below to access many different articles which have audio so you can also listen.


The categories include:



Mother May I

9 May

PRINT these cards to play with your ESL class.

Feelings and Emotions

21 Mar

How are you feeling today?  Are you happy or sad?  I’m happy because today it’s officially SPRING!

Here is a link to the feeling dominoes:


You can play this game by matching the picture with the emotion.  When you make a match, you must say a sentence.  For example:  “I am tired today because I didn’t have a nap”

For lower levels, a simple sentence such as “I am tired today” is good.

Also, check out this review game with MES English http://www.mes-games.com/feelings.php

BBC’s Scottish Website has an excellent interactive activity: http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/education/health/feelings/flash/index.shtml?swf=base

Here’s an E-book you can listen to!