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Past Simple

30 Apr

Conversation Activity with Past Simple

How to ask questions in the Past Simple tense:

Past Simple: YES/NO questions
This seems like a simple activity but it can be really fun.  I usually do the activity myself by filling in the bubbles and once you and the students have finished, you can ask questions to guess which answer goes with the question.

For example, “Was Motril the place you went on holiday when you were a child?”
Responses: Yes, it was/ No, it wasn’t.

Then, I give points.
1st guess correct: 1 point 

If the 1st guess isn’t correct, but they guess on the 2nd try, it’s worth 1/2 point.
Zero points if they can’t guess on the 3rd try.

Past Simple Board Game (idea for teachers)
I wanted to share this board game which I made about the past simple.  It didn’t scan well because it’s bigger than my scanner so it’s not a good version to print, but you could always make a similar one!

Past Simple- Verb “to be” GAME

23 Apr

Download the following cards/pictures:

Was/Were game cards

Teacher instructions

(SOURCE: Elementary Grammar Games by Jill Hadfield. Longman)


“to be” past simple
“to be” past simple #2