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24 Oct

Click the video below to practice the Present Simple

The present simple   LearnEnglishTeens

Present Simple

2 Jul

Click below to download practice worksheets by level:

1st ESO

Worksheet 1 (Burlington Books)
Worksheet 2 (questions- present simple) 

2nd ESO

Worksheet 1
Present simple- Write sentences about the pictures 

3rd ESO

Present Simple- (Money)

present simple make questions 

Present Simple Minibook

14 Apr

SOURCE: http://frenchfrogslittleenglishpond.blogspot.com.es/

Grammar Review

14 Apr

Here is an Oxford grammar file to review.  

It includes:

The verb TO BE                                                   Comparatives and Superlatives
Present Simple                                                    Past Simple
Imperatives                                                         This/these/that/those

….and much more!