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Basic Grammar Review- After Summer- 1º and 2º ESO

8 Sep

Do you want to review some grammar before starting school?  Here are some activities composed from many different resources and books.  Download them and freshen your memory!

Grammar Review 1 – general mixed review.  Present/Past Continuous and Simple Forms, Pronouns (possessive and object pronouns), question formation, first conditional, future tense

Grammar Review 2 – past simple pronunciation and irregular verbs, present/past continuous and Simple Forms, Pronouns (possessive and object pronouns), question formation, mixed general grammar.

Grammar Review 3 -quantifiers, comparative/superlative, present simple, present continuous, past simple, question forms, pronouns, modal verbs

Grammar Review 4 – similar to the other reviews


Review your Verb Tenses with this Activity!

1 Jul

2º ESO Grammar Review

1 May

-Possessive Adjectives- http://www.learnenglish.be/gr2_ppronoun_study.htm

-Genitive Saxon- http://www.learnenglish.be/gr2_genitive_study.htm

-Past Simple- Past Continuous- http://english-4u.de/past_prog_ex1.htm

-Past Simple http://www.learnenglish.be/gr2_pasi_study.htm


Present Simple-Present Continuous
Modal Verbs


Review of 1º Bachillerato

16 Apr

Here´s a grammar pack review by Burlington Books.  It´s good for bachillerato, first or second, to review grammar and vocabulary.  Hope it helps!