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Science Flashcards

2 Jul

This is for a unit about WATER: (used in 2nd grade)

Download the following book from Busyteachers.org to get some excellent ideas for games using flashcards!




“Going Green”-The Environment

5 Jun

Practice your vocabulary here!

Take a quiz on how to save the environment!

play a recycling game! 


Write the correct vocabulary word

1.  _______________________ = things that harm the environment.

2. _______________________=cutting down trees.

3.  ______________________ = rising temperatures all around the world.

4. ______________________ = killing animals.

5. ______________________ = not having enough food to eat.


1.  We will die of hunger if we don’t find some food.

2.  Leather comes from the skin of an animal.

3.  Many people carry their shopping in plastic bags.

4.  You can recycle your rubbish depending on the material it’s made of.

5.  Global warming is the rising temperatures all around the world.

6.  When many trees are cut down, it’s called deforestation.

7.  Some materials are recyclable such as glass, paper and plastic.

8.  Countries in Africa suffer from hunger.

9.  We save and collect plastic bottles.

10.  We must help protect our environment.

NAME  5 different materials:
_____________________, _____________________, _________________,__________________, _______________________


Download Worksheets

Environmental Isuues Vocabulary-Speaking Exercise (eslflow)

Natural disasters- Vocabulary and Speaking (eslflow)

Species in Danger (more advanced)

Environment (advanced) – (TEFL.net)

The Environment and Pollution (Englishclub.com)

READ about Hunting Whales and do activity

READ about Pollution and Cars

The Treasure Map and Directions!

25 Apr

Review the directions:

Listen and read the story “The Treasure Map” on the BBC learn english kid’s site and download TREASURE MAP


Review the vocabulary:

Mountain, river, rock, cove, beach, cliffs, cave, pond, lake

Now, you can do a fun crossword puzzle:


Here you can download a directions game:
directions (easier)

directions 2



Do you like to sing?

You can sing the pirate song! http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/songs/the-pirates-song
And download some activties: Pirate Activity (BBC)

Learn about Lorca for Cultural Week

24 Apr

We are celebrating cultural week at CEIP San Miguel.  The children have lots of activities planned.  In Science class, we will learn about Federico Garcia Lorca, the famous poet from Granada.  In this activity our first grade students can learn about his house and different landscapes.

My co-worker Yolanda has prepared the Science Materials in Spanish and a song.  You can check it out on her blog too…plus a very FUN video!


Saving and Wasting Water

15 Apr

I wanted to share the powerpoint we saw in second grade in the Water unit.

We learned about the places you can find water:
lakes, river, ocean, seas, waterfalls…

And we learned about saving and wasting water.

You can review with the powerpoint:

Healthy Habits Project

15 Apr

In the third-grade SCIENCE classes, we did a project in which students recorded their habits during one week.  The three categories were physical activity, screen time (which includes watching TV, playing computer games, or nintendo) and sleep.  Here you can see the results of the three classes.

We discussed that it’s important to have a balanced life- eating healthy, doing exercise, having friends and sleeping.  We should limit “screen time,” although some students used the computer to play educational games on their class blog.



Learn About Landscapes

12 Apr

In first and second grade we are learning about landscapes.  These are some of my beautiful photos of landscapes.  Hope you enjoy!

Here you can download some great activities for 1st or 2nd grade:
Enjoying the Landscape