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Play this FUN guessing game!

29 Oct

Click the picture below to play.

You must think of a famous charater.  After you answer the questions that “akinator” asks and he will guess your person.


Habbits and Hobbies Speaking Game

28 Sep

Habbits and Hobbies Game

Click Habbits and Hobbies to download the speaking activity as seen above!


Here are some pictures to review some types of activities:


26 Sep

Geography Vocabulary and Activities

Worksheet geographical features

PROJECT IDEA:  Create a profile about your country and present it in class afterwards.
Geography country profile

Infinitive and Gerund

12 Sep

I like reading….and I like to read.  Did you know that both of these forms are acceptable?  How about…

¨I really don´t feel like doing exercise at the moment.¨  Why can´t I use the infinitive here?

Learning the difference between the infinitive and gerund can be tricky because you have to memorize some expressions and general rules.

Download the explanation and activities below

Gerunds and Infinitives

Once you´ve studied a bit, you can talk with a partner and make sure you use the infinitive and gerund forms correctly!

Gerunds and Infinitive Book with Classroom Activities


Play a battleship game and practice!
Gerund and Inf Grammar DUEL

Grammar Exercise gerunds and infinitives

After Holiday Game

4 Sep

Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had an excellent summer and a good start back to school.

This activity can be used for your students to talk about their holidays.  

Present Simple

2 Jul

Click below to download practice worksheets by level:

1st ESO

Worksheet 1 (Burlington Books)
Worksheet 2 (questions- present simple) 

2nd ESO

Worksheet 1
Present simple- Write sentences about the pictures 

3rd ESO

Present Simple- (Money)

present simple make questions 

Basic Greetings- Formal and Casual

23 Jun

SOURCE: http://www.kloran.com/Home.html

SOURCE: eslflow.com


28 May

Listening Activity- Draw a face (elllo)

Physical Descriptions- Interactive Book

Who Am I? Read Description and Match


Daily Routines

2 May

Daily Routines Vocabulary:

5-7 year olds– Check out Nash’s Adventures


You can save and print the pictures with the daily routine vocabulary.  Later, kids can glue each one on the worksheet below with the time they do that activity.

Review telling time here: http://www.maths-games.org/time-games.html

Play this fun/interactive board game with Willy the Watchdog (telling time) http://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/willy/willy.html

Daily Routine Games!!
-Listen to the words and repeat.  This game’s got matching, dictation and fill in the blanks:

MEC Daily Routine Games:

What do you do everyday?  Listen to the questions and respond : “Yes, always” OR “No, never”


DOWNLOABABLE WORKSHEETS- Daily Routines (These four worksheets are in order by difficulty, the first one being the easiest)

daily routines1

daily routines 2

daily routines 3

daily routines 4

Past Simple

30 Apr

Conversation Activity with Past Simple

How to ask questions in the Past Simple tense:

Past Simple: YES/NO questions
This seems like a simple activity but it can be really fun.  I usually do the activity myself by filling in the bubbles and once you and the students have finished, you can ask questions to guess which answer goes with the question.

For example, “Was Motril the place you went on holiday when you were a child?”
Responses: Yes, it was/ No, it wasn’t.

Then, I give points.
1st guess correct: 1 point 

If the 1st guess isn’t correct, but they guess on the 2nd try, it’s worth 1/2 point.
Zero points if they can’t guess on the 3rd try.

Past Simple Board Game (idea for teachers)
I wanted to share this board game which I made about the past simple.  It didn’t scan well because it’s bigger than my scanner so it’s not a good version to print, but you could always make a similar one!